A complete range for vehicle fleets and railway infrastructure

CareOffice offers an extensive range of functionalities, covering a wide range of maintenance-management aspects. All modules, with Multi-Organizations, Multi-currencies, Multilingual features, are conceived for working either together or individually.

Thus, you can limit your purchases to those modules you really need, guaranteeing an optimum return on your investment. You can always add new functions later, and these will have immediate access to your already-existing data.

More than 20 years experience!

Vehicle and equipment management

Organize the equipments by Vehicle. Manage relationships between equipment (family tree) and components list (spare parts, consumable and articles) describing subcomponents of equipments. Track equipment guarantees and control claims. Attach trouble shooting guides, security regulation and calibration details to equipment. Track equipment movement and view movement history by process and location. Shutdown planning, schedule the shutdown by Vehicle. Print labels for equipments. Manage address book (manufacturers, suppliers, customers). View and control work and cost history by process, location, equipment and customer.

Linear asset management

The linear asset management module allows you to create linear equipment such as railway lines, roads and pipelines and manage maintenance activities related thereto. In addition, the geographical tree helps organize fixed infrastructure and can be coupled with a geographic information system (GIS).


In the Transport industry, the legal requirements impose a record of all transactions in the database to identify anomalies in a process. With the AuditTrail, you know at any time : who entered, modified or deleted what data and when.

Resource planing

Organize company calendar, control time management and leave management by employees: calculate their normal and overtime working hours. Schedule the workloads by employees.

Who does what task today or next month? Schedule and manage the workloads by employees or human resource group.

Measuring Data management

Manage measurement points (analogical value, state, meter), create inspection routes and enter specific measurement point and record results to give you more control over condition monitoring. Data acquisition capabilities with PocketPC, OPC Client, ASCII file.

Maintenance management

Manage breakdown and tasks (Inspection, preventive or predictive maintenance) with condition monitoring based on a fixed date, flexible time period or a specific metered usage. Incorporate work plans into activities to service multiple activities that share similar work plan. Incorporate routes with an activity to service multiple equipments that share similar activities. Manage service contract. Control unplanned activities, raise work requests, process them and raise work orders, failure analysis and diagnostic function (effect, symptom, cause, remedy). Messenger enables to send email notification of activity approval request to the coordinators. Schedule the workloads by process, location and project. Track all activities: resources, materials and services. View and control work and cost history by project, activity, process, location and equipment.

Supply management

Automate the entire sequence of purchase activities from requisitions, request for quotations and purchase orders to receipt of goods and acceptance. The system offers flexible tax, charge, discount calculations and permit materials requisitioning based on maintenance/activity schedules, Min/Max or reorder point. Control receipt and movement of material to storerooms or to activity. Analyse vendor performance. Messenger enables user to receive email notification to approve a purchase order

Electronic Document Management

Maintenance employees spend up to 20% of their day looking for technical documents. To accelerate the ability to locate parts illustrations, drawings, diagrams and related documentation such as security regulations, you need to organize folders with technical documentation and bind them with the equipments and materials. Search capability with full text option by type, process, location and installation.

Contract management

Manage your contracts with subcontractors and customers. For each contract manage time, conditions, responsible, documents and cost. The Messenger module informs you by email before the contract expires and allows you to audit each equipment attached to the contract

Materials management

Optimize the overall inventory investment. Organize the materials (spare parts, consumables, articles) by type, technical classification and equipment. Manage multi storerooms with replenishment methods at the individual stock item level, replenishment methods (Min/Max or reorder point). Track materials usage. Monitor the inventories including reorder point, economic order quantity and ABC analysis. Reservations can be placed on stock that is currently available or stock planned for procurement and production. Inventory closing by period. Print labels for materials. Manage address book (manufacturers, suppliers, customers).

History and Reporting

Comprehensive set of pre-defined reports, users have the ability to customize reports (Key performance indicators integrated)

Operation Logbook Management

Organize and schedule the shifts. Manage the operations logbook by shifts. Operations electronic log summary, including equipment performance information, suitable for shift-by-shift report. Data acquisition capabilities (OPC, ASCII file, etc.) allowing the calculation of the production efficiency ratio. Track the events by process, location and equipment. Raise work request based on event. Messenger enables to send email links of individual event entries to the coordinators. View event history with links to the work history


The messenger offers real-time intelligent alarm notification. Programming scenario and sending alarm according to the events. Stand-by Service by shift and technical service. Data acquisition capabilities (OPC, ASCII file, etc.).

Budget and cost management

Setup the budgets for each cost center and account. Control the cost by financial period

project management

Manage in detail the investment projects such as construction or revision. For each project, you describe the tasks and you control the budgets and resources involved in the project. To monitor the progress of the project, you can schedule the workloads for each project member, so you quickly identify their availability.

Service management

Service Management Module for maintenance organizations that charge customers for maintenance work, apply the costs according to commercial agreements and generate invoices based on activities.


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