Our business

Our knowledge, coupled with avant-garde technologies, allows us to develop, implement and support  Fixed Asset management software. Our product range comprises applications for:

  • Fixed Asset management (CMMS) and Facility management (FM)
  • Statistical management (Process Control, laboratory data)
  • Mobile maintenance

    Based on close cooperation with practitioners as well as with technical colleges, we are constantly improving and optimizing the products we offer.
  • Technologie

    Listening to the evolving needs of our clients and being on the lookout for new technologies in order to design avant-garde business packages is what our business is all about. Supplying complete and integrated solutions for responding to real company needs implies a high degree of integration with numerous other technologies and applications. To simplify this integration, Sogema Software has entered into partnerships with leading companies in these areas. Our technology comes with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, the main industry standards for database management. The solutions are proposed in the:

  • Windows.Net
  • Terminal Server and Citrix Xenapp
  • Fully internet-based architecture
  • Mobile App for Android and IOS

  • allowing user-securized access from a number of sites.Compatible with all tomorrow’s standards, it is a long-term investment to accompany you along the road to success.

    Human resources

    Sogema Software, a Swiss company founded in 1996, is a software engineering company mainly employing engineers specialized in computing, mechanics, electricity and architecture. Quality services and satisfied clients constitute essential guarantees for ensuring your success and our joint prosperity.
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