So simple! Why?

This user-friendliness will be there every time you use CMMS CareOffice. As a valuable and reliable partner, it will provide you with clear and consistently structured information. In addition to standard CMMS functions, a customisable report generator lets you select and present only the information you want, and this in a structure best adapted to your way of working. The information temporarily not in use remains available, and can be consulted at any time in the form of digital dashboards. These key performance indicators (point availability, tendency analyses, cost analyses, machine downtimes, etc.) are valuable tools for helping to make decisions.

Quickly implemented

Proposed in pre-parameterized version for the industry, CareOffice is at once operational. Besides the standard functions, you can adapt it to your needs and an integrated reports generator allows you to present exclusively your key performance indicators with the best views.

Concentrate on the job

CMMS EAM CareOffice takes over all those long, repetitive and tedious tasks. You, however, benefit from the information thus collected. Thanks to this modern solution, your expertise can be focused on the essential tasks, with no time wasting. Technical personnel can intervene and carry out repairs, even on unfamiliar installations. This corrective operation is effected in record time, thanks to memorization of the knowledge base acquired. Memorization also makes predictive maintenance dynamic, thus avoiding untimely stoppages. The tangible consequences: customer satisfaction and cost reduction. What’s more, your stand-by service will have its task greatly simplified, as well as its effectiveness improved, thanks to our Tele-alarm module

Work safety

Demands relative to both personnel and environmental safety are increasing, fully engaging the responsibility of managers. CMMS CareOffice’s module for the electronic document management with full-text option allows the incorporation of various documents, such as security regulations and technical documentation, in multimedia form (diagrams, videos, etc.). Consequently, false manipulations become a thing of the past, benefiting both personnel security and installation longevity.
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